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I Love Leviticus!

By this time, most plans have probably got us finished with Leviticus. Also, as with most years, there is a bit of sighing and joking, indicating that we find a bit of burden and drudgery in working through it. It certainly is understandable. The material is mostly non-narrative and extremely foreign. It is repetitive. It's just flat weird....

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The Mystery of the Kingdom

It was especially appropriate timing to have come across this entry, as earlier just this week the concept of "Already but not yet" arose in a conversation. We discussed how the Christian experiences redemption 'right here and right now' but also how there is a 'full' redemption coming. How we know forgiveness of sin, freedom from it, and even perhaps cessation of many '...

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A Generous Heart

In going over the 2024 GCC budget final prep this past year with Lee and in discusssing particularly the funds that need to come in to cover the foreseen 'spending' planned therein, the typically generous spirit I have welled up even more. I think my spirit is typically generous in nature. I know that whatever measure of generosity I do have, for sure comes from a recognit...

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Hymn Story - O Church Arise

David and Sarah Calvert introduce and sing "O Church Arise," by Keith & Kristyn Getty, Stuart Townend, and Chris Tomlin....

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Song Story - Champion

Jason Puryear, intern for Creative Arts, shares the story of 'Champion' and why it is a meaningful song for him....

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God Will Take Care of Us

GCC supported missionary Joe Hunziker reminds the Grace Family that God will take care of us. Learn more about the ministry of Isola Evangelical Center at

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Our Good Shepherd is with Us

GCC member and supported missionary Ben Uthe reminds the Grace Family that our Good Shepherd is with us. Ben serves with Campus Outreach on Campbell University's campus....

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Song Story - King of Kings

Song Story for this week - Clara Jean, daughter of David and Sarah Jean, wanted to sing like her mommy, so we captured this....

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The Power of the Proclaimed Word

Pastor Jeff shares about the power of the proclaimed Word through the Church. ...

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Hymn Story - Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery

David Calvert, Pastor for Creative Arts, and his wife Sarah share the song "Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery" by Matt Papa and Matt Boswell...

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