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Greetings From Locked Down ITALY


Dear GCC-family!

Just a quick note to let you know the Staff of Camp Isola and us, the Hunziker Family, are all doing well.

As you know Italy is locked down.

We here at Camp can not complain, as the Lord has provided a beautiful place for us to be in quarantine. The ones who have visited Isola know what I’m talking about.

Hospitals here in the southern part of Italy are not well equipped for what might expect us. But the Lord exports us not to worry and has promised He will be with us every day till the end!

With the staff we enjoy community, as we all live like a family her at camp. We are able to meet, to pray and worship our Lord together, something that the churches here in Italy have to do online for now.

Obviously the stop of two months of all our activity here at camp makes it difficult with our finances that were already not in good shape. But our Lord knows it and He has been faithful to Isola for the last 60 years, He will continue to provide.

Italians are a special people.

There is fear in the air, but they try to take the whole corona virus situation with a lot of philosophy and humour. Spontaneously a sort of flashmob is on every evening at 6 PM in all of Italy. Everybody is on his own balcony or window and sings or makes music. Just to “socialise” and celebrate togetherness and life even though we can not meet at the coffee shop, grocery store or at any meeting. Watch the link below!

As God’s children we are at peace, knowing that He has all under control. The hashtag #everythingwillgowell is now very popular here in Italy!

Obviously not all will go well but we know that all things work together for good for those who love God!

We even now have the opportunity to share the Gospel via social media. Neighbours asked us to share Bible passages with them as they feel afraid, and we read the Bible with friends, connected by Skype.

We love you and we thank you for your being close to us with your prayers, we will be praying for you too!

Thank you for having Aaron in your midst and caring for him in this particular time!

Your friends in Italy,

Joe, Stefania with Mattia, Gioia and the Isola Team