Daniel 11:36-45


Daniel: Yahweh is Faithful to His People: Then, Now, and Forever
The Rise and Destruction of the Antichrist
Daniel 11:36-45

Alistair Begg: Daniel 11:35-46 is arguably the most difficult section of a challenging
chapter in what is, frankly, a daunting book.

Thoughts about Jesus’ Two Advents

I have begun to think that predictions about Jesus’ Second Coming might be like predictions were about his First Advent. While many expected the Messiah to come – and some believed that Jesus was the Messiah – almost no one understood that he
would die on a cross and be raised from the dead three days later, even though Jesus himself had prophesied these events. Maybe our differences of understanding about the end times are similar. When Jesus returns, we will have all missed something, but
we will rejoice with exceedingly great joy.

Reflections on the Text in View of the Whole of Eschatology

1. It is difficult to think of Daniel 11:35-46 as referring only to “the spirit of antichrist” and not a person, but the understanding of an individual being the Antichrist is not without its challenges
Historic Premillennialism – Antichrist
Dispensational Premil – Antichrist
Amillennialism – the spirit of antichrist
Postmillennialism – many antichrists
2. Connected with Romans 11:25-32, Daniel 11:40-45 makes it unwise to discount the possibility that God has a special design for the Jews and the land in the end times
3. That said, I do not think the NT makes a distinction between Israel and the Church
4. No matter how powerful evil rulers are for a time, their end is certain

Application from Daniel 11:36-45

1. It is not good to live without accountability – or, to say it positively, accountability is important
2. Both religious and political leaders will often use deceit to bring people under their domination; do not put your trust in princes, but rather take refuge in the Lord (Psalm 118:8-9)
3. Satan’s ways of gaining control over others can be quite attractive to the old man in us; therefore, walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh (Galatians 5:16)
4. Prepare your heart for difficult times before Jesus returns by remembering (and believing!) that God is always faithful to his people