Daniel 12


Daniel: Yahweh is Faithful to His People: Then, Now, and Forever

A Sovereign and Faithful God and His Faithful People

Daniel 12


  •  Read Daniel 12:1-4. What connections do you see with Daniel 11:36-45? You can use the outline in the additional notes as a refresher.
  •  Read the following passages about the book of life
    • Psalm 69:27-28 (imprecatory – or, a curse – psalm, written by David, expressing God’s heart about those who deny God’s provision for salvation)
    • Daniel 12:1 – yes, again
    • Luke 10:17-20 – Amen! Think about this one for a bit
    • Philippians 4:3 – two believers at odds with one another, but both assured of eternal life
    • Revelation 3:5 – can you say, “eternal security?” white garments are given, not earned
    • Revelation 13:8; 21:27 – when were our names written in the Lamb’s book of life?
    • Revelation 20:15 – stop and pray for those in your life who do not know Jesus!
  • What can you do to ensure that your name is written in the Lamb’s book of life? Nothing? Then what did God do for you? (Romans 5:6-11) He does the writing, and if you understand and believe the gospel, he has written your name in the book of life! Rejoice!
  • What ought our response be to such a loving God?
  • There are patterns woven into God’s grand design and story, into which we have been brought to live out our privilege and responsibility as believers. What gospel patterns do you find all over Scripture (Creation, Fall, Redemption, Restoration), in Daniel, in human history, and in your own life?
  • How should we respond to the warning of truly hard times in the last days? The last days began with the death and resurrection of Christ, but the times will be truly difficult shortly before Jesus returns. Should we be fearful or pray for courage and joy? Consider that both the NT books of Philippians (1:29) and 1 Peter (1:7-8) call for holy living in the face of persecution – and both are filled with joy!
  •  Read Daniel 12:13 and commit together to be faithful for the rest of your days in response to God’s command, anticipating Jesus’ return and our resurrection to eternal life.

Additional notes from the text – Daniel 12

  • Daniel 11:21-35: prophecy about Antiochus Epiphanes when many believers were persecuted and killed for their faith
  • Daniel 11:36-45: prophecy about the Antichrist; troubles like never before for God’s people
  • Daniel 12:1-4: God’s care for his people during extreme troubles with the resurrection as the greatest promise
  • NT – our hope is in Jesus! His resurrection is the promise of ours (John 11:25-26; Romans 4:23-25; 1 Cor 15:20)