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Weekend Worship Academy

The Weekend Worship Academy is an opportunity for middle and high school student musicians to receive hands-on training and encouragement from experienced leaders of worship through a weekend intensive. 

August 13-14 2022

Sessions include biblical teaching from student/youth pastors and breakouts for acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, keys/piano, drums, vocals, violin, and audio-visuals. 

Saturday: 9am to 5pm - large group sessions, small group sessions, hands-on experiences with each student's main instrument. hosted by Triangle Community Church

Sunday: 1pm to 5pm - students work in bands/groups to rehearse a song to share with the other participants/coaches at their local church. 

You will find the registration link for GCC students in the summer. There is NO cost for students, but meals will be provided for the Saturday and potentially on the Sunday (location specific).