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The benevolence ministry exists to assist those in need, first to the household of faith within the GCC community, and then to our neighbors.  The benevolence ministry is managed by the deacons. Click here to learn more about the Toiletry Pantry -- an outreach of the benevolence ministry to assist those in our area. 

We want you to understand how seriously we take our commission to serve you. We understand a financial emergency or need is never easy. We would like to walk with you through your trial to lighten your burden and equip you to endure and overcome such trials. Most of all we want to introduce you to the One who is blessing you, empowers us to work together and is making all things right. Please help us understand the nature of your need and request. This will allow us to make wise decisions that best help you.

All who follow Christ are His Church. The Church is given the message and service of helping fix broken relationships. We don’t see helping others as optional for the Christian but integral to our mission. Jesus Christ commissioned His Church to make disciples. That is primarily done through proclaiming the good news of Jesus’ finished work on the cross. But faith without works is dead. We are called to live our faith.

  • We help because God first loved us and redeemed us
  • We help because it testifies of our faith in the True God
  • We help because all humanity bears His image and is valuable
  • We help because we have been given much and want to see much done to eliminate suffering and poverty

We intend to move people closer to glorifying God by living in right relationship with God, with self, with others, and with the rest of creation. Our goal is to work to reconcile these four foundational relationships so that you may fulfill your calling of glorifying God by working and supporting yourself and your family with the fruit of that work.

If you do not yet know Jesus as your savior, we ask you to consider trusting Him today and accept our assistance as a gift showing real change & healing is possible with Him. If you are already a believer, accept our assistance as a gift of love within a family. Consider how you may extend this love to others around you.

Not all help is financial. If money is an immediate need for you, we will start there and work with you to flourish in all areas of life. Since we want to see relationships healed by more than a financial bandaid, Grace Community Church has policies in place that guide us to assist the many who request it. Please provide on the attached request sheet as much accurate information as you can so we can determine how best to help you. You may submit your request form to the contact information listed at the bottom of that sheet.

Here are some other local resources to also consider for assistance. 

To submit a benevolence request, please click here to fill out the assistance request form.