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The Church body at Grace is served by a group of men called by God to be deacons. These men are affirmed by the elders and congregation, and they take care of many of the behind-the-scenes, practical issues related to church facilities and local families. The deacons serve for as long as they are called - they may take a sabbatical when necessary, but otherwise, they give sacrificially of their time and energy to glorify God through service. Benevolence is one of the many areas in which our deacons serve.    


Our Deacons:


Adam 2

   Adam Bryant 

Eisenberg Square 2016 copy

   Steven Eisenberg



    Zack Flageolle


   Ben Grumbach


   Paul Jicinsky 

 Lee B Square 2016

    Brian Lee

 Morgan Square

    Ken Morgan

 Shamblee Square

   Scott Shamblee 

Bryan Ardner

Jon Bart

Jim Clayton

Drew Hanson

Chris Kerns

Jay Millard

Jeremy Pittman

Charlie Williams

Jason Woodall