Life-Related Bible Teaching

The Bible is both true and transformative, telling us accurately what to believe, and is relevant to specific problems of contemporary living. We equip Christians, young and old, through the teaching of God’s Word, to follow Christ in every realm of life.

Participatory Worship

Meaningful worship is not a performance by a few, but a heartfelt response by all to the magnificence of God. Our worship services are Christ-centered, God-honoring, culturally relevant, creative, innovative, and grounded in Christian heritage but not blindly tied to church tradition.

Dependence on God

God’s work is accomplished by His grace, not by human rules or efforts. By God’s grace working through faith, our lives are transformed, needs are met, and ministry is accomplished. By God’s grace, we serve Christ from thankfulness rather than from guilt or mere obedience to legalistic rules.

Team Leadership

God has designed the church to be led by a team of people, not by one individual. Our pastors and other leaders function as “player-coaches” who help train and engage our members in ministry.

Community Through Small Groups

Community means caring relationships with one another, regardless of racial, cultural, or economic differences. In our small groups, we can get to know people, meet needs, hold each other accountable, and offer newcomers a place to belong.

Every Member a Minister

God works through people and gives every believer talents and gifts vital to accomplishing His plan. We help each member discover, cultivate, and employ those gifts so the church can better meet people’s needs and individuals can reach their full potential in Christ.

World Transformation

People matter to God, and therefore, matter to us. We seek to share the life-changing message of eternal life through Jesus Christ with our families, our friends, our communities, and our world. We seek to support those who are hurting because of tragedy or injustice.

Creativity, Innovation, and Excellence

Meeting needs is more important than maintaining programs. While our message is timeless, our methods adapt to those we are here to serve. In all that we do, we give God only our best.