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Are you being drawn to Jesus? If so, let us first tell you that we celebrate with the angels the work that is happening inside of you (Luke 15:10). At Grace, we exist to exalt the Lord, establish believers, and engage the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. What is happening to you is the realization of the gospel, the good news.

What is the Gospel?

In order to understand good news, we must first have knowledge of bad news.  The bad news is this: we are all sinners.  There isn't a moment in our life when God has looked at us and been impressed.  There is a divide between God and man and there is nothing we can do to earn His favor.  God's wrath is what we all deserve because of our sin against Him.  We have all loved something or someone more than God.  We have all forgotten about God's goodness at one time or another and resented him.  We have all thought we were good enough for God, questioning His righteousness.  So the bad news is that we cannot be in the presence of God because of our sin. There is tension and we all are destined for the wrath of God--BUT GOD (Ephesians 2:4-5).  

The gospel is the good news that this tension has been resolved and there is hope for man. Knowing man cannot live a sinless life and wanting to make a way for man to not suffer the wrath of God, God sent Jesus.  Jesus lived the perfect life that is required of man and died the death we all deserve.  All He asks of us is to receive His mercy with the empty hands of faith.  When this happens, God gives us the future that Jesus deserves.  Jesus suffered the wrath we deserve, and we have the promise of resurrection and eternity with God just as He has.  

The grace of God is for you; it can be for anyone who doesn't think it's too far beneath them.

Questions?  We would love to talk more about Jesus with you.  Join us on Sunday or contact us.